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I've been drawing my whole life but it really wasn't until I got to the point where I could retire from my business that I felt I could entertain the thought of spending more time drawing and sharing my artwork with others.  My background is Architecture and I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Architectural Design and spent 29 years as the owner of an business in Architectural Illustration in Houston, Texas.  I enjoyed the work and my clients were satisfied with the work I did.

Several years ago I moved from Houston to the Texas Hill Country and I am certain this is the place I will live out the rest of my life.  My property is a gathering point for my species of wildlife, and they provide the subjects for many of my colored pencil drawings.  Wide expanses of wildflowers, deer, wild turkey, birds and soaring hawks.  I am surrounded by the majesty of my Central Texas home and wherever I go in the world, it's always Texas that calls me back. 

I've always been of the opinion that if you can find your passion in life, you can find lasting happiness.  I find my passion in trying to capture brief moments of time on paper and I find happiness in sharing my passion and enthusiasm for life with other people. 


Art is created.  It is not manufactured and to own a piece of artwork is to share in the life and experience of the artist.

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