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"Tell Me Mama" wins First Place and Best In Show

I belong to an organization in the Hill Country of Texas called Texas Master Naturalists and our Chapter is the Hill Country Chapter. Each year there is a State Convention, in 2021 held in Austin and because of COVID, the option was kept open for members to either attend in person or virtually online. I usually stay very busy, but this year I saw that the deadline for submission to the Art Show was fast approaching, so I searched through my saved images of past artwork and selected something that I thought would be appropriate and chose a drawing I did in 2018, the original of which was sold in that same year.

Title: Tell Me Mama

Artist: Catherine L. Gauldin

Size: 18 x 24

Medium: Mixed Media. Pastel and Colored Pencil

The last time I submitted an image to that particular competition was before the pandemic made it difficult for us to meet face to face, but the image didn't even place so this year I sent a digital copy of the drawing in at the last minute, expecting the same result. In November I got an email from another member of the Hill Country Chapter who said "Hey, I saw your picture at the Convention and it won a First Place and also Best in Show!" Needless to say I was very pleased and looked forward to receiving the ribbons at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Party, held on December 4, 2021.

I usually work from the photographs I've taken and it pays to have a camera always available, especially in the part of Texas where I live because the wildlife is everywhere. The deer cross my property regularly and it is always a pleasure to see the babies with their mothers. I took a number of photographs of this pair until for one brief moment the mother whitetail gently bent her head down and touched noses with her fawn. I thought it was such a touching and maternal gesture that I did a colored pencil drawing from the photo. Mother animals teach their babies a lot over the course of their infancy and this little one seemed intent on the advice its mama had to give.

Prints of "Tell Me Mama" are available at

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